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We’re making self-management of delivery easy, affordable and amazing. Presenting: Dart

dart-adImagine you’re PCF. Now imagine you’ve built a best-of-breed software system to service your own cherished distribution clients — the culmination of over thirty years of delivery know-how baked into one comprehensive platform. How do you make the most of that investment?

You offer it as a standalone product. We created Dart because every distributor and publisher deserves to have the best delivery technology at their fingertips — especially if you’re still managing your footprint on your own.

Here’s a few quick things to know about Dart.

  1. It’s AFFORDABLE. Starting at $499/month
  2. It’s EASY. Easy to learn, easy to implement, and works with your existing circ system.
  3. It’s INTELLIGENT. Handles re-routings and re-deliveries fast.
  4. It’s FLEXIBLE. It can handle multiple pubs and products.
  5. It’s CARRIER-FRIENDLY. It helps you track carriers and their compensation!
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