Solutions of all sizes.

After years of instability, print publications of all sizes are now finding ways to survive — and thrive — in the digital age. PCF offers a range of scalable, affordable print delivery services to meet the needs of a wide range of printed media — from large national newspapers to vibrant, local, free publications. In fact, with PCF as your delivery partner, we can help you identify, not only opportunities for delivery efficiency, but opportunities for revenue growth.

Home Delivery

PCF has been an exceptional print distribution provider for over 30 years: getting publications delivered to homes, on time and on budget. Whether your product is a daily, weekly, monthly, a newspaper or a magazine, PCF designs delivery programs to meet your specifications and flexible delivery schedules. We also offer a wide range of reports, tools and services to support the highest levels of performance.

Single Copy/ Bulk Delivery

PCF now delivers bundles of printed products to retail locations, or other distribution outlets for multiple publishers in a number of markets. Whether or not PCF provides your home delivery service, our distribution expertise is available to support this essential element of your business model.

NOTE: PCF does not handle collections or payments – strictly distribution.

Sunday Select Programs

Leveraging your brand to grow revenue through targeted distribution programs is smart business and PCF’s delivery expertise, zoning capabilities and flexible routing tools are ready to support you and your advertisers in this growing segment of the industry. We’re experienced with these programs and our tools and services will help you reach those targeted, non-subscribers most valued by your advertisers.

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Total Market Coverage (Tmc)

Because total market coverage, or TMC programs are often opportunistic deliveries based on advertiser interest, they need to be planned and executed with agility. PCF has the technology, delivery and verification resources at the ready to quickly provide you and your advertisers with quality solutions to deliver these programs on time and on budget.

Zone Specific Delivery/ Select Market Coverage

PCF has the experience and technology to quickly create custom delivery routes on demand, according to your Zip Code, Zip Code Plus4 or Micro Zip parameters. Whether it is a one-time need or routine requirement, we can help you get your product exactly where you want it.

One-Off And Special Delivery Types

Flexibility is key to profitable print publishers— the ability to print and deliver product on demand according advertiser need, subscriber interest, loyalty or retention programs and your delivery parameters. PCF has everything it takes to handle your one-off and special delivery needs, which could include:

  • Bonus Days
  • Advertising Packages
  • Sampling
  • Special Editions
  • New Start Premiums
  • Other Print Products

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Weekly Publications

PCF understands the unique circulation characteristics and needs of weekly publications and is experienced in providing affordable delivery service programs in key markets. PCF offers affordable, day-specific service any day of the week.

Free Publications

PCF appreciates the free publication business model and all its nuances. We have the experience, resources and tools required to provide quality delivery and verification service to this substantial segment of distribution.

Catalog and Commercial Publications

PCF Delivery Services offer reliable and practical options to get your publications delivered where you want, when you want — any day of the week. We can tailor a distribution solution for any type of publication — large or small, consumer-based or business to business, fixed or variable frequency.

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